Let's make your business go.


Outsourced Bookkeeping.
Professionally Managed Finance.



As part of your team, ProImpetus will:



watch your back.

keep you informed.

avoid surprises.

solve problems.

relieve stress.



What Can ProImpetus Do For You?


    • Manage day-to-day bookkeeping activities to insure integrity of company books and records.


    • Establish and maintain financial processes and internal controls to provide adequate protection of assets and assurances that transactions are consistently executed in compliance with company policies.


    • Compile periodic financial statements and supporting analytical reports to monitor results of operations, financial position, cash flow compared to forecasts, budgets and previous periods.


    • Develop and maintain financial forecasts and budgets based on measurable criteria to track progress against performance benchmarks towards predefined objectives.


    • Assist management in preparing and presenting status reports, plans and results to stakeholders, lenders and other outside parties.


    • Coordinate and support outside professional service providers such as auditors, tax preparers, consultants, lenders and investors.


  • Advise management on financial ramifications of operational and general administrative decisions and alternatives.